Meet the Team

Robert Schiemann

Robert hails from the quiet costal town of Ventura, California. From making his own fireworks to building a tesla coil for the science fair, he has been pushing boundaries since a young age. Now, a computer scientist and biologist by training, he plans to use his love for data and experimentation to explore and exceed the bounds of modern beer styles. Favorite beers: All-Wheat Porter, 81% Rye IPA, We Seek Christians and Spices. Email Robert.

Kenton Hokanson

Kenton is from Vernal, Utah, where none of our beers would be legal. In the Bay Area, he maximizes his beer consumption by sailing and obsessing over the Giants. His background in the electrophysiologic study of synaptic machinery sparked a similar approach to brewing: by using the tightest possible control of the input processes, he wants to allow the unique attributes of each ingredient to reveal themselves. Favorite beers: Acidophile, 81% Rye IPA. Email Kenton.

Ryan Dalton

Ryan hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a molecular biologist and avid microscopist, focusing on the architecture of the mammalian olfactory system. He wants to dissect beer and reconstruct it, utilizing blending and rare spices to challenge beer identity. Favorite beers: Jalapeno IIPA, We Seek Christians and Spices, Acidophile. Email Ryan.

Paul Tiplady

Paul is from Edinburgh, in bonnie Scotland. By day he is an engineer at a software company, helping to test and maintain infrastructure in telephony networks. By night he studies beer, and seeks to build software tools to help brewers improve their produce. Favorite beers: We Seek Christians and Spices, Acidophile. Email Paul.

Sadly, our brews can only be enjoyed if you're at least 21 years old.