Beer List

These are some beers that we have featured at our most recent Brewflood events. We will brew some of these beers only once. Others we’ll continue to experiment with and evolve, zeroing in on perfection. Science is always in motion.

JIIPA (Jalapeño Imperial IPA)

Our signature imperial IPA made with fresh jalapeños and house made jalapeño tincture. – 7% ABV

We Seek Christians and Spices

A saison brewed with coriander and tellicherry peppercorns. – 6.3% ABV

51% Oat Stout with Vietnamese Coffee

An oatmeal stout that is more oatmeal than stout with Trung Nguyen #3 Vietnamese coffee added. – 4.4% ABV

51% Oat Stout with Turkish Coffee

The same oatmeal stout base as above, with Turkish coffee and cinnamon added. – 4.4% ABV


A hoppy, West Coast style india red ale. – 6.8% ABV

Imperial Black Kolsch

A style of our own design – a fusion of a kolsch, black lager, and Russian imperial stout. – 7.8% ABV

Noyaux Nut Brown Ale

A marzipan scented nut brown made with brown sugar and a house made bitter almond tincture. – 5.2% ABV


A Belgian dark strong ale with syrah must and pomace added prior to fermentation. – 11% ABV

Jealousy with Port

The same Belgian dark strong ale as above, blended with port wine. – 11% ABV

Pino Kölschio

A kölsch blended with pinot grigio must prior to fermentation. – 8% ABV

Tiniest Green Wolf

A sessionable micro-IPA that is low in alcohol but packed with hops and flavor. – 3.6% ABV

Grapefruit Shandy

The best brunch beer you will ever have. A blend of grapefruit juice and a cream ale. – 3.3% ABV

The Hoppit

An experimental, imperial IPA brewed with hops from New Zealand. – 8% ABV

Big Boy Imperial Porter

A dangerously drinkable imperial porter. Over a year old and clocking in at 12% ABV. – 12% ABV

Toasted Coconut Guayusa Brown Ale

An earthy brown ale made with toasted coconut chips and Gunpowder guayusa. – 5% ABV

Sadly, our brews can only be enjoyed if you're at least 21 years old.