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Brewflood returns

April 22nd, 2017 by ryan 2 Comments

2016 was a year of challenges for Method. Permitting, building, and retrofitting kept us slammed with only the least-fun of the brewery tasks, and kept us from the things we really enjoy about this work. 2017 promises a lift from the fog, and with our pocket astrolabes we’ve already plotted a course to include more outreach, more experimentation, and, most importantly, more beer. We’ve spent the last 6 weeks brewing new beers and improving on some old favorites, and are preparing for a Brewflood. Here’s the taplist:


  • Jalapeno IIPA: ~7% ABV. A malty IPA with fresh jalapenos added, for a strong vegetal aroma and a spicy finish.
  • Toasted oat India red ale: ~6% ABV. Smooth, soft mouthfeel with a roasty aroma and a delicate hop bill.
  • Toasted oat India red ale with jalapeno: the above, with fresh jalapenos added.
  • Black tea and chamomile saison: ~5% ABV. A traditional farmhouse ale, loaded with wheat and pilsner malt and fermented hot for a balance between crisp freshness and funk. Tea and chamomile spiked in to bring out the funk.
  • Single-malt IPA 1: ~6.5% ABV. Made to showcase a test blend of savory Sorachi Ace and fragrant Citra hops.
  • Single-malt IPA 2: ~6.5% ABV. Made to showcase a test blend of Sorachi Ace and dank Australian Mosaic hops.
  • Traditional kolsch: ~5% ABV. A light and refreshing German ale.
  • Grapefruit shandy: ~4.5% ABV. Part kolsch, part fruit juice. To keep the ABV and flavor high, we used super-concentrated, clarified grapefruit juice.
  • Passionfruit shandy: ~4.5% ABV. Same as above, but with concentrated, clarified passionfruit juice.
  • Blood orange black kolsch: ~6% ABV. The crisp and refreshing kolsch, with a finish heavy on sweet fruit and chocolate. Fresh blood orange peel from Brokaw Ranch in Santa Paula, CA.
  • Barrel-aged black kolsch: ~6% ABV. Same as above, but aged in a barrel from Seven Stills in SF.
  • Imperial nut brown ale with English ale yeast: ~10% ABV. Strong nutty flavor and a huge malty backbone.
  • Imperial nut brown ale with San Diego superyeast: ~10% ABV. Same beer as above, but with a different malt profile from the use of a highly-attenuating strain of yeast from San Diego.

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  1. jaron wright says:

    Any idea when you all will be opening? Would love to know where these beers are going out to so that one can try.

    • ryan says:

      hey Jaron-
      We’ve just cleared one of our final hurdles to getting open, having to do with gas and electric upgrades that sidelined us for ages. If all goes well with those, we’re hoping for late summer or early Fall. The next big event is the brewflood on Saturday, which should coincide with the hanging of our sign on the brewery (for photos and updates on that, you can check our @methodbrewing twitter and instagram). Until we open and as we ramp up we are planning to do brewfloods periodically, probably every other month.

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