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TTB approval and New Beers by the Millions

August 1st, 2015 by ryan No Comments

Great news to report! We have received our TTB approval (TTB is the federal body that monitors alcohol taxation and compliance). This is a big deal, as getting TTB approval can take forever, during which time you’re paying rent and twiddling your thumbs. We still need our state (ABC) approval and will post updates on that once we have them.

In the meantime, we’ve been brewing like crazy and have a number of new projects going. The most interesting set of beers were brewed with barley, rye, and wheat that we got from Riverbend Malts in Asheville, NC. We love the idea of using strange ingredients, and it seemed only fitting to take that approach to the base of the beer, the grain. Using this grain we’ve brewed-

Virginia Special IPA, a single-malt (Virginia Special Pale malt), single hop (citra) IPA. After the boil we dropped the temperature to 180F and then hop bursted with 1/2# of citra hops per 5 gallons of brew. The final product has huge dank and citrusy notes with a clean, slightly toasty and nutty malt backdrop.

Red wheat saison, a Belgian saison brewed with 10% Riverbend rye and 20% Riverbend red wheat, then fermented at 80F. We love fermenting saisons hot- the funk really comes out. This beer is a pretty typical saison with some nice added rye spice to complement the funk.

Rauchkolsch, a recipe we would love to revive and bring to all of you. This is no typical kolsch- the mash was supplemented with 10% Riverbend applewood and cherrywood-smoked barley. The result is a delicate and savory smoky nose and a fruity and smoky aftertaste following the crisp kolsch finish.


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