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Back to Work!

February 16th, 2015 by ryan No Comments

BrewFlood VII may be behind us, but our work is far from over. The next couple months will see the delivery of our brew rig, the bulk of the construction on our space at 326 First St., and a navigation through the permitting process. These items aside, we’re also excited to set up a new series of iteration brews, brewing our favorite beers side-by-side with maximum control over input while changing one parameter. We were recently asked whether we use the scientific method in brewing our beer, and if so, how? This is how. Here’s our to-do list:

1. Jalapeño IIPA: now that we have the spice level dialed in via our tincture, it’s time to get to a steady %ABV and final gravity. This has varied widely, giving us anything from a 6% to a 9% beer, with a final gravity anywhere from 1010 to 1025, the latter probably due to poor attenuation. Prior to fermentation we’ll be standardizing the OG to get this beer to ~7.5%, still big enough to carry the spice.

2. 51% Oat stout, Noyaux brown, Coconut brown: we all agree that these beers would benefit from a bit more body, so we’ll be experimenting with new mash temperatures. Currently they’re being mashed at 152F for 1 hour, but we’ll try up to 157F.

3. G and T PA, Chipotle mole stout: These beers were introduced at BrewFlood VI, and were great starts. We need to get more careful with the spices. We’ll post the spice blends when we brew them.

4. New Beers! On this list for this cycle are a session milk stout, a 100% wheat red ale, beers brewed with Sake fungus or the exciting Kveik yeast, an alcoholic root beer and a gruit beer with vermouth spices for bittering.

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