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Brewday with Southpaw BBQ!

November 1st, 2014 by kenton No Comments

Big thanks to Southpaw BBQ & Southern Cooking for inviting us to join them for a brew yesterday! We had a great time making a strong Dunkelweizen, a malty German style calling for loads of wheat, prominent fruit aroma and flavor, and an ungodly quantity of rice hulls. So, so many rice hulls. Phil and Ross designed a great recipe with a gorgeous color, and we can’t wait to try the finished beer!

Ready for more rice hulls, Paul?

Paul stirs during dough-in at Southpaw

We mashed in a bit after 6AM to beat the Halloween crowd. Southpaw has an incredibly space-efficient brewhouse, using a two-vessel system from Pacific Brewery Systems that combines mash tun with hot liquor tank/boil kettle. They’ve got their beer pipeline perfected so by midday we were boiling 4 bbl of Dunkelweizen while carbonating a previously brewed stout. Meanwhile, another guest Paul (@motobrewer) and I had heard so much about how much fun it is to clean a fermenter that we just had to give it a try (really great, you should try it too!) It was incredibly valuable for us to learn the ins and outs of their rig, helping us know what to watch for as we design our own custom brewhouse, and Ross and Phil were very generous with their time.

We also did some brainstorming for an upcoming collaboration brew between Method and Southpaw, to be released during SF Beer Week – get excited! We’ll be brewing some pilot recipes so keep an eye on the blog for updates. In the meantime, hit up Southpaw for some Dunkelweizen and soul food.

For Halloween, we dressed up as people covered in grain

Left to right: Ross (Southpaw), Paul (MotoBrewer), Paul (Method), Phil (Southpaw), Kenton (Method)

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