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Lomvardski 2014

February 22nd, 2014 by ryan No Comments

The annual lab ski/drinking retreat is in a few weeks, and Method beer is always a topic of discussion. I’ve received some requests to release the recipes of some favorites, and who am I to stand in the way of progress? Go forth and brew!

1. (mostly) traditional JIIPA, made with all Columbus and Cascade hops, as well as a later jalapeno addition for a bit more aroma:
batch size: 5.5g
domestic 2-row: 7#
domestic munich: 2#
british 2-row: 3#
crystal 20: 1#
dextrose: 1#
Mash at 152 45′
Boil 60′
Columbus 15.9%, 2oz at 60′
11 halved jalapenos @ 15′
Cascade 5.5%, 3oz at flameout
OG: 1070, 95IBU
2. Oatmeal IRA, with extra toasted oats, 1/2# acidulated malt for some zest, and all Columbus and Amarillo hops:
batch size: 5.5g
domestic 2-row 11#
munich 10L: 1#
crystal 40: 0.75#
crystal 120: 0.75#
melanoiden: 0.5#
flaked oats: 0.5#
toasted flaked oats: 1#
victory: 0.5#
acidulated malt: 0.5#
Mash at 152 1h
Boil 60′
Columbus 14.2%, 1oz at 60′
Columbus 14.2%, 1oz at 15′
Amarillo 8/8%, 1oz at flameout
OG 1058, 69IBU

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