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Brewer’s Notebook, November 17th: A House Divided

November 17th, 2013 by kenton 1 Comment

A difficult day for the Method family, as today’s Saints vs. 49ers game has divided the founders along deeply held ideological lines. Like Colin Kaepernick and the noble Niners, we persevered with an excellent brew and came up with a new batch of our Oatmeal India Red Ale, our favorite hopped red ale. This round will feature extra flavor and aroma hops. We’ll probably keg it in a few short weeks, and can’t wait (unlike Drew Brees, who is currently trying not to think about what the next few weeks hold for him).

Go Niners!

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  1. Ryan Dalton says:

    In honor of the Saints win, and to extend an olive branch, I propose a brew: Who Dat Ale, a blackened Belgian golden ale.

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