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Brewer’s Notebook, November 13th: Five Pounds of Coconut

November 15th, 2013 by kenton No Comments

We had a particularly fun brew last night – Maude and I squeezed in a weeknight brew, making a double batch of one of our most unexpectedly delicious beers: the Coconut Brown Ale. We loved the beer last time, and I tried to improve on the recipe by adding to the malty, toasty backbone that supports the powerful coconut flavor. I added 1.5 lbs of dark Munich Malt, and another pound of Belgian Aromatic (the full recipe will be published once we finalize these changes).

What makes the beer special is the toasted coconut and oats – this picture shows just 1/3 of the coconut chips we included. I grabbed a video showing what five pounds of coconut chips look like as they swirl through a 15 gallon pot – keep an eye on our twitter account. This was a beautiful brew.


My favorite part: those who’ve been brewing with us since the beginning know our fondness for our trusty wort chiller, the Copper Swan. Last night, the Swan got some coconut feathers! This is just one of the many beers we’re working on. Sign up for our mailing list to hear about our progress!

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